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Who is David Hanson?

David Hanson is an American roboticist and entrepreneur who develops human-like robots with realistic facial expressions and conversational abilities. Hanson currently serves as founder and chief executive officer of Hanson Robotics. David Hanson has discovered new advanced technology and developed a series of Conversational Character Robots.

Short Bio of David Hanson:

Name:  David Franklin Hanson

Age: 47 years old (in 2017)

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, United States

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Profession: American robotic designer, entrepreneur

Net Worth: N/A

Personal life

David Franklin Hanson is a quite intelligent personality. He is the man who designs new robs that can interact with humans in a fluent way is so busy with his personal life that he might not have enough time to spend with his family members.

Turning some more pages of his personal life, he is a privacy seeker who doesn't like to reveal his private life publicly where he has not mentioned anything about his married life, wife, girlfriend and children.

Career and Education

In the 1980s, Hanson put in two years learning at the University of North Texas in Denton. In 1992, he was acknowledged into the BFA program at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. He got his PhD in aesthetic studies and interactive arts and engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas in spring of 2007.

Adding up more to his career and education, Hanson has already worked at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Hanson's robots were indicated first at the 2002 AAAI gathering in Edmonton, Canada and in 2003, he demonstrated the Kbot at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) yearly meeting. In 2005, Hanson and group got an AAAI grant for their "canny conversational picture" of Philip K. Dick.

To begin with appeared at the 2005 Nextfest, the robot fused a large number of pages of the works of PKD, including diaries and letters, into a LSA corpus and conversational framework constructeandroid. Hanson's work on the PKD robot is recorded in the true to life book, How to Build an Android.

In November 2005, Hanson exhibited an expressive strolling humanoid, a representation of Albert Einstein, as a team with the KAIST Hubo gathering of Korea. KAIST accumulated the strolling body, and Hanson created the head utilizing elastic polymer called Frubber.

Hanson has additionally composed and constructed a progression of Conversational Character Robots. These have heads fusing Frubber, with fluctuating levels of facial versatility and expressiveness, and are equipped for reacting to human discourse. Ventures incorporate Joey Chaos, Jules (made for the University of West England in Bristol, UK) and Alice (made for MIRALab in Geneva, Switzerland). In 2010, Hanson had created or discovered “BINA48” for Martine Rothblatt's Terasem Movement. He gave a TED talk in February 2009.On 19 April 2015, Hanson propelled Sophia which is known for her human-like appearance and conduct contrasted with past automated variations.

Family life, Wife, Parents

Hanson who has already designed and built a series of Conversational Character Robots has not mentioned anything about his personal life and family life anywhere. His parents must be very proud of Hanson’s success and achievement.

Wiki, Net worth and Salary

According to his wiki, David Hanson who has develops the human-like robots with conversational abilities or activates, realistic facial expressions as well as serves as founder and chief executive officer of Hanson Robotics must have undoubtedly a huge amount of net worth.

Though he has not mentioned the exact amount of his net worth we can assume that Hanson net worth might not be less than a million dollar.

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