Who is Cooper Green, about Cooper Green and Megan Nicole

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Who is Copper Green?

Copper green is an actor and singer who was born on October 23, 1994, which makes him 23 years old. Copper is from Franklin, Tennessee where he lives with his parents, sister Galtin and three newly adopted siblings from Ethiopia. Copper is from celebrity background as his dad, Brian is a producer and his Mom, Wendia is a singer/songwriter. It was quite obvious copper to be in the media field. As the copper mother was the professional singer for over past 20 years so the musical talent is inherited by copper. Copper is also a good guitarist. He started singing professionally at the young age and also travels in a band leading worship for champs and church events. Copper sister is also into the music. Seems like the whole family is a package of a musician. Cooper and his sister Galtin are doing their first record and performing original music.

Copper is a multi-talented good looking guy.Along with music he also started his professional acting career at the age of six. It’s great to start an acting at age six where children are supposed to play at this age. Despite belonging from the strong family background, he was the hardworking guy. According to his directors, he used to work 12 hours a day. Being impressed by his hard work his director also paid him more for his work. He wasn’t tempted by money but he was hooked to this field and his work.

Due to his strong resume, he was hired by different TV producer like in CBS series, Judging Amy (1999), Yes Dear (2000) and was also starred as a guest in highly admired drama.  He also worked for the Disney Channel for 3-minute Game show (2007) and also seen to be work for other projects with Disney. Copper also did a guest-starring role in children’s television show of Leland Lopart.

Not only in drama and series this talented guy also got a chance to work in many commercials either on camera or voice-over, including Volvo, Orville Redenbacher, McDonald's and much more. He was fortunate enough to be cast in the multi-award video, “Believe” by Brooks & Dunn. One fact about copper is his favourite job has been the role of Steve in short film, How my Das Killed Dracula (2008).

Is Copper Green Married?

The answer is big yes. This handsome hunk got married recently. For all those girls fan of him its heartbreaking news to hear. Copper get married to love his life the beautiful “Mascara” singer Megan Nicole recently.  Megan shared their dancing photograph taken during the marriage celebration writing caption Mr. & Mrs Green on social site and also shared a photograph from their honeymoon visit.  This couple might be the happiest one since they were dating each other for a long time. Cooper proposed Megan in a filmy style at the Central Park with one knee on the ground which was captured by some photographer. So this handsome hunk finally ends up with love of his life and his fans wish him a lifetime happiness. His Instagram id is coopertake1.

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