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Brief Summary: Taylor Nicole Dean

Taylor Nicole Dean is a famous and popular animal enthusiast whose pet care videos have earned her more than 1 Million subscribers on her eponymous YouTube Channel. Taylor Nicole is also been known as a Youtuber. Taylor Nicole is also popular for educating her following about the care of animals like hedgehogs, seahorses, and geckos. Taylor Nicole real and birth name is Taylor Nicole Dean. Taylor Nicole ranking is 19248. Taylor Nicole got her start I the industry as just a beginner and appeared in hundreds of print and commercial campaigns internationally throughout her childhood. Taylor Nicole's little face also graced countless covers of magazines.

Short Bio:

Name: Taylor Nicole Dean

Date of Birth: 25 March 1997

Age: 20 (in 2017)

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Height: Not Available

Weight: Not Available

Body Measurement: Not Available

Profession: Animal Enthusiast

Net Worth: $2 Million (Estimated)

Early/ Personal Life:

Taylor Nicole Dean was born on 25 March 1997. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Taylor Nicole is of white ethnicity and she holds the citizenship of the United States of America. Taylor Nicole is at the age of 20 to date. Taylor Nicole attended the University of Florida with a double major in biology and psychology and she is also the minor geography and disabilities in society. Taylor Nicole then hopes to go to med school and eventually become a surgeon. Taylor Nicole was raised in Miami, Florida.


Taylor Nicole Dean started her career as an animal enthusiast and recently she is working as same. Taylor Nicole first ventured into social media in September 2012 when she created her Twitter account. Taylor Nicole has already 1048648 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Taylor Nicole has also posted famous and viral videos like Newborn Pets and a New Apartment, I Tried To Bathe All My Pets, I Cloned My Fish, From Zero Snakes to Six Meet All my Snakes, Pet Baby Dragons, Purchased Halloween Costumes for my Pets, Dealing with Ich, Five New Pets in One Weekend, Why Does My Hedgehog Hate Me, My Fish Has his Own Restaurant, I Almost Killed Her, Let's Settle This. Testing My Dogs DNA, Stop Buying your Children Hermit Crabs, Giving All My Animals Their Dinner, I've Been Sick all my Life, Setting Up a Fish Tank, My Hedgehog Roams The House for an Entire Video, Baby Turtle Given a Second Chance, There Are 80 Turtles in My House, I Had To Ship My Animals Home From Vidcon, Surprising a Family of Fans, My Mom Wanted to Buy Him and many more.

Family Life:

Taylor Nicole Dean was raised in a small and well-mannered family. Taylor Nicole lives with her parents that include her father, her mother and her siblings. Taylor Nicole and her parents are living in Miami recently. Taylor Nicole has a younger sister and an older brother. Taylor Nicole is not married yet. She has not thought of getting married yet. Taylor Nicole family always supported her in each and every step of her life either it was in her career life or education life. Taylor Nicole has no husband as we all know that she is not married yet.

Relationship and Affairs:

Taylor Nicole Dean is in a relationship with one of the famous and popular singers "Jonny Craig". Taylor Nicole and her boyfriend "Jonny Craig" has been dating recently form the year 2017. Taylor Nicole and her boyfriend both have not thought of getting married but they are in love with each other.

Net Worth and Salary:

As per wiki sources, Taylor Nicole Dean has the net worth of $2 Million to date. Taylor Nicole has worked very hard and struggled a lot in order to reach that amount of net worth. Taylor Nicole salary also varies from month to month. Taylor Nicole estimated salary by months are in May 2017 she has the estimated earnings of $3.95k, on August 2017 she has the estimated earnings of $9.86k, in October 2017, she has the estimated earnings of $9.09k, in November 2017, she has the estimated salary of $9.48k and on December 2017, she has the estimated salary of $2.9k.

Wiki and Facts:

Taylor Nicole Dean has not achieved any awards yet on her career life. Though she has not won or achieved any awards she has achieved a lot of money, fame, and respect on her career life. Taylor Nicole has also achieved a silver play button and a gold play button on YouTube.

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