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Who is Miles Mckenna?

Amanda McKenna currently known as Miles McKenna is a prevalent YouTuber known for his LGBTQ activism titled as "Amanda" and gave the female sexual orientation during childbirth. Miles now recognizes as a Trans non-twofold man. Miles has a mind-boggling sense of humour and furthermore makes a considerable measure of comedic recordings. His fans love him for his trustworthiness, powerlessness, and boldness to go to bat for himself in this to a great extent homophobic world. Miles' strength and boldness in turning out straightforwardly in front of a million of fans have made him a mark for LGBTQ rights.

Short Bio:

Name: Miles McKenna

Date of Birth: 02 November 1995

Age: 22 years (in 2017)

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Height: 157 cm/ 5 feet 2 inch

Weight: 117 Ibs

Net Worth: N/A

Personal life and Mckenna' Dating:

Amanda McKenna who is now known as Miles McKenna took birth in the month of November back in 1995 in the America. Turning some more pages of McKenna personal life, there is no data accessible about his parents, kin, or early life on the web but moving on to his love affairs, Miles was once in a relationship with a beautiful YouTuber Amy Ordman who was his known girlfriend.

 However, the love of couple didn’t last for long as their break up news was revealed in 2017 in the month of January.


Miles is a YouTube star who had lots of ups and down in his life. He made a YouTube account as methods for managing his tension and soon began posting comedic recordings. His recordings were comical and pulled in numerous subscribers to his channel.

With time, as he grew up and became more OK with his group of fans, he chose to turn out to them and declared in a video that his sexual orientation is not straight. As he was as yet known as Amanda around then, his fans expected that he is lesbian. While he got a great deal of help from his fans, he additionally needed to manage a surge of scornful remarks. It was particularly excruciating for him when his parents were too annoyed and kicked him out of the house after knowing that he isn't straight.

Periods of the battle took after however, in the end, he ricocheted back. Keeping in mind the end goal to help different youths battling with their sensual orientation, he posted a video named as 'HOW TO COME OUT TO HOMOPHOBIC/TRANSPHOBIC FAMILY' back in the date July 2016 in which he prompted the watchers on the most proficient method to discuss their sexual introduction with unsupportive relatives. This video, alongside another 'SO I'M TRANS*,' which he posted in January 2017 made him a symbol for LGBTQ rights.

In the last video, he declared to the watchers that he is a Tran’s non-twofold man who distinguishes as neither a young lady nor a kid. Around this time, Miles likewise made moves to lawfully change his name from Amanda to Miles.

As somebody who has battled a considerable measure with his own particular sexual introduction and gender personality, Miles is to a great degree steady of his watchers. By sharing his own encounters, he inspires his fans to grasp themselves for whatever they are and not claim to be something that they're most certainly not. Various adolescents having a place with the LGBTQ community consider Miles as their good example and infer moral strength by watching his recordings.

Family Life:

During the course of his struggling days, he lived in Los Angeles. Though there is no exact information of his family members we can assume that he might have lived with his parents in California.  A couple of years back, when still known as Amanda, Miles had admitted to his fans that he isn't straight. While a few of his fans were strong and offered positive words, not every person took the news positively. Truth to be told, the revelation that he isn't straight annoyed his parents so much that he was kicked out of the house!

Net worth and Salary:

22-year old Internet Celebrity picked up a gigantic notoriety in very few time period despite Miles’s ups and downs in his earlier life. Youtube star who regularly continues sharing recordings on her YouTube Channel and hot snaps by means of her Instagram is tight-lipped about her livelihoods and net worth.

In spite of the fact that Miles hasn't revealed her net worth till the date, her net worth is evaluated to be of huge amount. All things considered, as Miles is massively well known on the web and her career is on a climb, it is clear for her to make a great deal of fortune each passing day. The provocative Internet Celebrity has been enormously rising and she hasn't thought back as far back as she rose to fame in 2015.

Wiki and Facts:

Miles Mckenna reformed his forename from Amanda to Miles in 2017 in the wake of declaring he was transgender in the video "SO I'M TRANS*." His channel was initially called AmandasChronicles which is now named as MilessChronicles. Today Miles has more than 900 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. Miles Mckenna is the growing superstar of the future and surely he will rise on later days.

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