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Biography: Meredith Mickelson

Meredith Mickelson is an American rising model and a media celebrity. This American hot and sizzling young model was born on July 1st, 1999 which makes her 19 years old (in 2018). She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her birth sign is Cancer.

Personal life

Born and raised in USA Mickelson holds the nationality of America. She belongs to White ethnic group. She was raised by her parents supporting her in her every decision. From her very young age, she started her modelling career and created a quite a name for herself in the fashion industry. Mickelson has got perfect body and height needed for modelling. She has got the height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Along with this she has got beautiful green eyes, blonde hair and drop dead gorgeous looks. She has a perfect hour glass figure as we can see in her pictures posted in her Instagram.  In addition to this, she has got the heaps of energy and charm. She has stated in an interview that she doesn’t wait for the opportunity to come and knock on her door but prefer to go after her goals and dreams. She holds an optimistic attitude towards life.


There is no any detail information reported yet about the educational background of Mickelson. Some sources has reported that she has signed up into various online courses and takes online classes so that she can take her study further along with her work. She has stated in her interviews that she knows the importance of education and is working hard to get the degree. It was reported that she even studies till late night after the shoots.


Meredith always had a dream of being a successful model. From her childhood, she was fascinated in collecting the pictures of different models and fashion related magazines. She was camera friendly and used to pick the poses quickly in front of the camera. At the age of 13, she was offered with her first modelling assignment but her parents thought that she was very young to join the industry and didn’t give the permission. She again got the offer of modelling project the following year and with the permission of her parents she pursued her dreams.  Due to her hard work, dedication along with the mesmerizing beauty she began to get a lot of offers from different renowned modelling agencies. Meredith has worked with New York Model Management, Salt Model Atlanta, Freedom Los Angeles, and Next Model Management Miami.

Her potential is slowly showing up as she is getting projects from the mega brands within the few years of entering the fashion world. She also became one of the popular social media personality as she began to post her pictures in her Instagram. She has got a huge number of followers in her Instagram page. She also has created her own YouTube channel Meg & Mer with the help of her friend Megan Donoho. Along with all these stuff she has also created her own app in IOS and Android to keep her fans updated about her latest events and her bloopers of her shoot.  At this very young age, Meredith has appeared in the international fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ not once but twice. Entering the fashion industry at her young age Meredith has achieved a lot within these few years in this fashion industry and still struggling for a better career in the industry hoping to become one of the models of Victoria’s Secret.

Family Life

None of the sources has yet revealed any information about the parents of Meredith but she has mentioned in many of her interviews that her parents are very supportive. She has an older sibling named Daniel and he is interested in baseball and football.

Relationships and Affairs

There was a rumour of Meredith dating the YouTube star Ethan Dolan but their relationship didn’t last long. After ending the relationship with Ethan, in 2016 Meredith was spotted with YouTube/ amateur actor Kian Lawley. They both confessed to media that they were in a relationship. This couple has got plenty of adoration and wishes from their fans but this relationship also didn’t last too long. Recently Meredith was spotted with Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart and some sources have even revealed that these two celebrities are in a relationship.

Wiki and Net Worth

Meredith is making enough money to live the luxurious life of model from her projects. Sources has revealed her estimated net worth to be 400,000.

Meredith is very popular in Instagram and has approx. 1million followers. She maintains her body with yoga and boxing. Her role model is Candice Swanepoel.  She loves watching movies with friends and spent her spare time with them.

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