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Who is Madalin Giorgetta?

Madalin Giorgetta Fordham also known as Madalin Giorgetta is a very famous and popular fitness trainer from Perth, Australia. Madalin Giorgetta received or gained recognition through social media, in which she posted useful training and diet advice for her followers. Madalin Giorgetta always diets healthy and nutritious meals from her mom's cuisine though she was grown up in an Italian family. In fact, Madalin Giorgetta is a very health conscious person yet she doesn't know how to cook on her own.

Short Biography

Name: Madalin Giorgetta

Date of Birth: 1990

Age: 27 (in 2017)

Birthplace: Australia

Zodiac Sign: Not Available

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160cm)

Weight: 52.2-56.7 kg

Body Measurement: 32-24-34

Profession: Personal Trainer, Fitness Model

Net Worth: $1.3 Million

Personal Life

Madalin Giorgetta was born in 1990. She was born in Australia. Madalin Giorgetta was very health conscious since her childhood. Madalin Giorgetta is almost 5'3" in height. She weights almost like 52.2 - 56.2 Kg Approx. Madalin Giorgetta is really fit in shape and figure. Madalin Giorgetta's figure is 32-24-34 inches in the figure. Madalin Giorgetta is also the fitness blogger and Instagram sensation. Madalin Giorgetta is also known as Madalin Frodsham and has a sister. She is based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. 


Madalin Giorgetta is a very hard working and talented fitness trainer. Madalin Giorgetta started her career as a Fitness Trainer. When Madalyn Giorgetta initially embarked on her fitness journey, Madalyn Giorgetta didn't know anything about fitness. Madalin Giorgetta said," When I First started working out, I had to search what a burpee was. Madalin Giorgetta used to the squad against a wall with her basketball behind her back because her form was so bad. She had never been to a gym before, and she couldn't do any form of push-ups. Madalin Giorgetta also did a lot of cardio and was on a low-calorie diet. All in attempt to get below 50 kilograms. However, the more Madalin Giorgetta trained in such way, the less result she noticed. Madalin Giorgetta's body didn't improve in shape at all. Madalin Giorgetta once cut back on cardio and added weight training to her regimen. Madalin Giorgetta's physique finally started improving. Madalin Giorgetta started gaining more muscles, which in turn, helped her burn more calories and stay lean. Recently, Madalyn Giorgetta trains five to six days a week. Madalin Giorgetta does all type of training, ranging from yoga and body weight workouts to advanced stretching and weight training. Madalin Giorgetta's said that utilizing multiple training techniques helps her body stay toned and lean, better than just doing the same workout all the time.

Family Life

She was raised in a small town by a small family. Madalin Giorgetta stays with her parents in her childhood. She lives with her father, mother and one younger sister. Madalin Giorgetta always got support from her family in each and every step of her life. Madalin Giorgetta is yet not married. 

Madalin Giorgetta Dating, Affairs, Boyfriend

Madalin Giorgetta Hasn't revealed her relationship to date. She is so focused on her workouts and fully dedicated to her work that she has no time to be in relationship and love affairs to date. Madalin Giorgetta hasn't said anything about her relationship or love affairs on the internet and to the social media.

Net Worth and Salary

Madalin Giorgetta has the net worth of $1.3 million to date. Madalin Giorgetta has been doing lots of workouts and fully dedicated to the work to reach that amount of net worth. Madalin Giorgetta has not revealed about her salary on the internet or to the social media to date.

Wiki and Facts

Madalin Giorgetta is a very hard working person. Madalin Giorgetta started her climb to the top by learning from other fitness experts, such as Kayla Itsines. From there, Madalin Giorgetta add her own much to her training and diet, making astonishing progress as a result. Madalin Giorgetta said," you should never shy from looking up to others when in need of help. If someone offers something that can be of value to you, why not take it and see where it can get you.

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