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Brief Summary: Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is the famous musician of America. She is well-known musician and performance artist too. Not only that much she is music composer and a great dancer as well. She plays the Violin as the main instrument. She performs different kinds of music. Nowadays she does a number of concerts across the whole place like Poland, America, Australia, in the world. She was from a middle-class family who tried their best by putting her in the affordable class of violin. But she started to learn violin at the age of five. Because of her hard work now she has fame in front of the world. Her videos are most watched videos in YouTube by millions of views. All her music video are been listed in the eighth most watched video list. 

Short Bio:

Name: Lindsey Stirling

Nick name: Lindseystomp, Zi-Zi, Linds

Date of birth: September 21st, 1986

Birthplace: Santa Ana, California US

Age: 31 years (in 2017)

Star sign: Virgo

Profession: composer, musician, performance artist, dancer

Music instrument: Violin

Height: 5ft 4 inch (161 cm)

Weight: 60 kg (approx.)

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Mormon

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Red

Claim to fame: America’s got talent

Net worth: $10-$11 million estimated

Early/ personal life:

Rock star Lindsey Stiring was born in city of dreams California on Sep 21 1986. She is an outstanding Violinist and composer. Her nick names are zi-zi and linds. She plays a blend of hip-hop and dupstep. Talking about her early life she came from middle standard family. As she was interested in music her father manages to appoint a violin teacher for her. She started her lessons at the age of five. She finished her school from Greenfield junior high in Gilbert, Arizon and she attented Mesquite high school. This was the school where she joined a band and started playing her violin. Although she is an innocent violinist has a fighter inside her. She then has many medical terms like eating disorder and many more.

Career and education:

About her career, she was interested in both dance and music but her father gave her choice to choose only one so she chose violin. So at the early age, she started to learn violin and later on she learned full leason of violin from Gilbert Arizon. She took training both hip-hop, pop and classical the music in violin. She also played in the band at high the school. Though she knew that her path to success is not easy, Lindsey made youtube channel in her own name “Lindseystomp” on May 20, 2007. But she began to notice by the world since 2010 when she showed her talent in America’s got talent, season five. She was of 23. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it up to final.

According to the wiki, videographer Devin Graham said he wants to shoot her solo in the music video. Lindsey agreed and they made a music video for her song, “Spontaneous Me” on May 2011. When her music video came she made much of popularity. It got around 32 million of views till now. After that, she realized her music video called “Crystalize” which became a key to success to Lindsey. As per fact, it is listed in the eight-most watched video of the year. Till now the views are more than 185 million in November. In the same year (month September) she released another debut album which picked 79th and later 23rd position on the Billboard 200.

Again in March 2014, she gave single “Beyond the veil” from her second music album “Shatter Me”. It hit the second position on US Billboard 200 and 33 million views until November. This album sold approximate 57000 copies also. After that she made “Brave enough” and it peaked up at 5number.

In term of education, she finished her school from Greenfield Junior High and Mesquite High school. In this school, she formed a band called “Stomp”. Stirling also went to “Brigham young university (BYU)” which was in Provo, Utah to study about filmmaking.

Relationship and affairs:

According to internal sources, Lindsey had two affairs till now. When she was in BYU she met a filmmaker Devin Graham in early 2010/2011. They get involved in many videos of Lindsey. Later on, she began dating a man called “Ryan weed” from 2016. They broke up in the month of October 2017. They were accusing and joking on Instagram by several quotes. But recently now she is single. Her both boyfriends were a photographer.

Net worth and salary:

Lindsey net worth is about $11 million up to the year of 2017. She had made lots of money from YouTube as well as from movie too. Her salary is around $6 million estimated. She is a very talented person and we are looking forward to her new updates.

Wiki and facts:

In her career time, she hand won lots of awards and is associated with lots of people and organization also. Her first award nomination category was “Top Dance/ electronic album” in 2014 but she didn’t get this award. Not only has this she was nominated in different categorized like “top dance /electronic artist” (2015/2017), “Newcomer International”, (2014) “choice of web start: music” (2014/15), “Best Collaboration”, “Best Original song”, (2015) but didn’t get the award. Luckily, she has won many awards like “YouTube awards (response of the year and Artist of the year)” in 2013 and 2015.

Lindsey has also published several books based on her Autobiography. She has been touring all around the world for the concert. She has also associated in various bands also. She has two YouTube channels. One is Lindsey Stirling which has 2,060,275,330 views and 10,176,384 subscribers.

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