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About Emily Zeck

Emily Zeck is especially known for Instagram Star. Emily also is known as thatpineapplegirl.  Emily Zeck is a singer and songwriter (Musical artist). Emily Zeck was born on February 2, 1996, in Florida, United States. Her Current age is 21 years old (in 2017). Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Emily is a native of Florida. Emily’s debut single was “Pacific Blue” & “Good Vibe Tribe” has already been played more than 2.7 Million on Spotify. This has been an outstanding achievement for Emily in her debut single. Emily Zeck has thousands of fans and supporters in the USA.

Personal life and Career:

Emily Zeck is originally from Vero Beach, Florida. She spends her childhood in Florida. She would live in Satellite Beach before attending in the University of Northern Florida which is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Emily used to be quite busy with her work so, she initially used a social media platform to stay connected with her close friends before recognizing that it is a valuable tool for her to share stories and her music. As per source, there is not much more information about Emily Zeck education, family and others.

Emily Zeck first releases a song name “Pacific Blue” in December 2015. Her latest single is “Stardust –Forever Young” which was released on April 7th. Emily took her music career into a new direction with producer Gazzo with her trademark tropical and beach vibe. This song makes new achievement with 270,000 times played within a one month period on Spotify charts. Emily next single “Two Cents” was also popular among people which she maintained her status in social Medias.

Relationships and Affairs:

Emily Zeck is mostly busy with her work. According to the source, there is not any relationships and affairs of Emily Zeck. She might be dating someone or searching for a better person in her life but she has not revealed about her boyfriend. As per source, her marital status is Single.

Wiki and Facts:

Emily Zeck has earned fame with a name for herself as “The Pineapple Girl”.  When Emily moved to Los Angles, she added new two songs to the Starbucks global network, which was also featured on a song by KLYMVX. It was released on Sony France which has already received about 3.6 Million streams since its debut. Emily has been a brand ambassador for different brands like Billabong Women’s and others as well. She was also featured in a magazine like People Magazine as “one to watch”.  As per source, her net worth is not available till date, as she might be earning more income from her career. Emily is an active member of social media where she used to post pictures showcasing her love of the beach, pineapples and surfing where it makes more attraction to her followers. Her Instagram id is @thatpineapplegirl, she has followers around 357K and growing.

Emily Zeck Social Media Account:

Emily Zeck’ Twitter: @EmilyZeck

Emily Zeck’ Facebook: Emily Zeck

Emily Zeck’ YouTube Channel: Emily Zeck YouTube

Emily Zeck’ Instagram: @thatpineapplegirl

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