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Synopsis: Chiara Bordi

Participant of annual Miss Italia competition none other than Chiara Bordi is a beautiful lady better known as "Bionic Model". Although one of her legs is artificial, she never took it as her weakness rather she proudly accepts her physical disability as her major strength which makes her unique from other celebrities.


NAME: Chiara Bordi









Early and personal life:

Everyone has their past. Similarly, Chiara Bordi also has her past which turned out to be miserable but later it turned out to be a turning point in her life. Bordi lost her leg in a bike accident at the age of thirteen. Initially, she was hopeless regarding her leg, but later as nothing is impossible, she didn't let her disability become a hurdle to her career and with that hope, today she is loved by many of her fans and followers and is best known as a model better known as  bionic model.

Career and education:

Chiara Bordi, 3rd finalist of Miss Italia Competition career looks as charming as her face. However, she had to go with lots of ups and downs in her life to obtain such a marvelous position. Although she lost one of her legs at a very early age, she never went out of her track nor did she become hopeless. Rather she believed in her and did hard work and became able to earn lots of love, respect, and kindness from her friends, family, and her followers.

Bionic model Chiara is extremely popular on Instagram and can accumulate thousands of followers in her Instagram account. She not only has made herself proud but she also has equally made citizens of her country proud and has become a means of inspiration to those who are differently-abled or let say, differently-abled people.

Family life:

Regarding Chiara Bordi's family life, it's impossible to say that she does not share the great bonding of love and togetherness with her parents. Without her parent's love and support, she would not be in the position that she holds today. However, like other public faces, Bordi likes to keep her personal life, including her parents, siblings, and other relatives at low key due to which no information is available about her family life.

Net worth and salary:

Chiara is still on her teenage but has earned a lot of success at such an early age. 19 years old bionic model is successful in becoming an inspiration for millions of people. Seeing her Instagram posts, the guitar she uses, the dress she puts on, the makeup brands she wears we can assume that she has a wonderful net worth. However, the exact figure of her net worth is still under review. But, for more updates keep in touch with us.

Relationship and affairs:

Chiara is just 19, isn't she too young to get involved in deep or let's say true love life?? Well, currently, she is completely busy in her professional and has no time to waste her time upon any things that might create obstacle in her career.

She is completely busy in her single life and is not interested in making any boyfriends or going on romantic dating spots with them. However, the future is uncertain, in her later days, she might find the man of her dreams but currently, and she is completely enjoying her singlehood.

Wiki and facts:

Initially, her dream was not to be model rather her dream was to become a surgeon. However, with the pace of time, she chooses her passion in the field of glamour where she wanted to prove people that no one is disabled rather everyone is differently able.

Her main motive for becoming a model was to bring diversity in the world of fashion where she became successful. Although many people took advantage of her disability however she shut those kinds of people's lips by giving a perfect reply. Know her reply in her own words" I am missing a leg but you are missing a heart and brain".

This is all about fashionista Chiara Bordi for now. To know more about her keep on following our website and do pass some comments if you love it.

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