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Who is Caitlin Rice and what is her background?

Caitlin Rice is a very famous and popular model and fitness icon who inspired millions of followers on social media. She began posting pictures and videos of her fitness journey on Instagram (@caitlinricefit) and has since become widely recognized for her great figure – becoming a social media star. Caitlin Rice was once a model who has struggled a lot to adapt to the stresses of the profession. Caitlin also knows the importance of nutrition when aiming to sculpt a great figure. She follows a well-planned diet all year round, eating 6 meals per day, based on lean protein, complex carbs, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Short Bio:

Name: Caitlin Rice

Date of Birth: 7 November 1991

Age: 26

Birthplace: United State of America

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5'5" (165cm, 1.65m)

Weight: 48 Kg Approx.

Body Measurement: 34-24-36

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brown

Profession: Fitness Model and Social Media Personality

Net Worth: $3 Million (Estimated)

Personal Life:

Caitlin Rice was born on 7 November 1991. She was born in The United State of America. Caitlin Rice is just at the age of 26 to date. Caitlin Rice height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Caitlin Rice is 165cm and 1.65cm tall in height. Caitlin Rice weights almost 48 Kg Approx. Caitlin Rice is of white ethnicity and she holds the citizenship of the United State of America. Caitlin Rice hair color is brown and her eye color is green. Caitlin Rice graduated from Sothern Methodist University which is located in Dallas, Texas. Caitlin Rice graduated the degree of the Political Science Degree. Caitlin Rice has also certified the NASM Certification of personal training.


Caitlin Rice started her career at the age of 16. Caitlin was recruited to become a fashion model. This didn’t turn out to be the dream job she was hoping for in 2006. After becoming a weak model in the fashion industry she meant that Caitlin Rice was placed on a strict diet and she was also forced to consume minimal calories, in order to reach the required dress sizes for her profession. Caitlin Rice decided to leave modelling behind and started setting a new goal of gaining a degree in College. Caitlin Rice then decided that she’d enjoyed partying enough in the final year of college. Caitlin fell in-love with weight-lifting and it became her passion over the next year, and she searched for ways to improve her figure, teaching herself about proper nutrition and form in the gym. Caitlin Rice made much better progress on her goals, she managed to attain her dream figure, becoming addicted to her healthy lifestyle. Caitlin Rice's years of training and dieting had taught and gave her knowledge about her vast amounts about the industry, and she began using her knowledge to coach others as a personal trainer. It wasn’t long until she’d created her own website, which she uses to reach out to clients, forming diet and training plans to suit each individual.

Family Life:

Caitlin Rice used to live with her parents that include her father, her mother and her siblings. Caitlin Rice family always supported her in each and every step of her life either it was in her career life or her education life. Caitlin Rice father's and mother's name has been disclosed till date. Caitlin Rice has a brother named "Ian".

Relationship and Affairs:

Caitlin Rice is married to a guy named "Braden Matejka" who has first introduced her to fitness while she was still in college. Caitlin Rice and her husband both moved to Canada to live together after her college and they married in the year 2015. Caitlin Rice is not dating anyone and has no boyfriend in her life. Caitlin Rice is happily living with her husband. Caitlin Rice doesn't have to date anyone and make a boyfriend.

Wiki, Net Worth and Salary:

As per wiki sources, it has been estimated that Caitlin Rice has the net worth of $3 Million till date. Caitlin Rice has worked very hard and struggled a lot in order to reach that amount of net worth in her career life. Caitlin Rice hasn't revealed about her salary on the internet or to the media till date. Though Caitlin Rice hasn't won and achieved any trophies and awards she has won and achieved a lot of money, fame, and respect in her career life. They were the first people who used to push and raise Caitlin Rice to realize her potential in the industry, encouraging her to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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