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Brief Summary: Anna Akana

Anna Akana is an inspiration to all of those teenagers who face bullying and ragging problem. She is a very beautiful filmmaker and actress. She is also a model and comedian. She has popular vlog and youtube channel. Despite her wound, she stands up for comedy. As an actress, she has done more than seventy movies, TV series, and short films. Among that she has produced, writes, direct film and she has paid a lot of role in the film industry. 

Short Biography

Name: Anna Akana

Real name: Anna Kay Akana

Birthdate: August 18, 1989

Birthplace: California, US

Age: 28 (in 2017)

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5ft 3inch (1.60m)

Weight: 55kg (121pounds)

Body measurement: 32-24-32

Shoe size: 7(US)

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Brother name: Will Akana

Profession: Filmmaker, Actress

Net Worth: $2 Million

Early/personal life

Anna Kay Akana is originally from Japan as her father is Japanese. She was born on August 18in 1989. She was born in the United States of America (California US). Her age is 28 and birth sign is Leo. It seems like she is a mixture of different tradition and values. Basically, she is combination or union of Japanese and Filipino tradition. Whereas her father from Japan and her mother are from Philippine. Because her father worked in Marine Crops he travelled from country to country so she picked every dialects, tradition, and lifestyle of that places. As the result, she is fluent in Japanese, Spanish, and English language. Personally, she is a very sensitive person and was willing to be a pet doctor (veterinarian). But after a death of her younger sister, she turned her path through awareness. After several month or years of depression, she smiled when she saw comedian Margaret Cho performed a comedian show. From that, she started to do comedy shows.

Career and educational life

Her career was not fixed till 19, when-when her younger sister committed suicide because of bullying. She got depressed in such a way that she nearly forgot to smile and to be happy. Unless she watched a comedy show done by Margaret Cho. After that, she started to do standup comedy. Nevertheless, she was in trauma she could not do it properly. Then she switched her platform at the same age to social media called YouTube. She joined YouTube on August 07 2011 where she made comedy videos. But in 2013 she released a video called, “Please don’t kill yourself” based on her emotional attachment. She also wrote and published in a same-titled book. In her book, she wrote her entire journal or daily entries of two years from suicide incident.

In her YouTube videos, we can find both comedy and seriousness. She creates both documentary and comedy videos on her YouTube channel. In the year 2014, she created comedy music by collaborating with comedian Megan Rosati. They named their duo as Cat the same year she was able to list her name in 100 new media top rock stars.  She didn’t stop at documentary and comedy. So she decided to make a short film like “Miss 2059”, “Ant-man” and “miss earth” and many more. She has also directed short films.

And about her film and TV series career in 2011, she was showed in “Awkward” and in the music video of Katy Perry. And she played in a film like “Hello, my name is Doris”, “sally field” and “star wars” too.

Talking about her education it hasn’t seemed to be published yet in social media. But it is said that she is a doctor of animals.

Family life

The family life of Anna did not go well as her sister committed suicide in 2007. As her family member, there are four members. Her father William Akana who was an officer in the Us Marine corps. Originally he is Japanese. Because of his work he had to move from place to place. And the mother of Anna is of Filipino origin. Her mother name is Mia Akana. So Anna and her brother Will Akana is half Japanese and Half Filipino.

Relationship and affairs

Anna has been in relation with Brad Gage since 2014 to till now. Before him, her boyfriend was Ray William Johnson. They dated from October of 2011 to 2014. Now her relationship with her current boyfriend Brad is going smooth and good.

Net worth and salary

Her net worth is $2 million according to internet sources. It is her estimated net worth.  But she may have more and it is a guess. She earns nearly $1million of salary from YouTube and clinic.

Wiki and facts

She has played lots of film from 2013.some of her films that are mentioned in a wiki and her bio are “Inappropriate comedy” (2013), “Kids Vs. Monster” (2015). Likewise, she played “Hello my name is Doris”, and “Dirty 30” in 2016. Similarly, she played “Awkward”, “Shake it up”, “the fosters”, “Adam ruins everything”, and “Stitchers”.

Not only has that she won an award named San Diego Asian Film Festival for digital Pioneer she was nominated for Streamy Awards to for best actress. But sadly she didn’t get that award. Her Instagram Account is @annaakana and she has followers around 329K and growing.

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